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Legs and moustaches: a veterinarian's tale

Greetings, fellow animal enthusiasts! I am Alexandra, your devoted veterinarian and tireless defender of our furry, feathered and scaly friends. Buckle up as I share a story that shaped my destiny: a story of compassion, courage and a little mischief.

The house of beasts in the backyard

When I was a very open-eyed child growing up in the heart of Barcelona, Spain, my backyard was my sanctuary. It wasn't just a piece of grass; It was a bustling ecosystem. The stray cats sneaked among the jasmine bushes, the sparrows nested in the eaves and some tortoises wandered by. My parents often found me crouching on the floor, whispering secrets to ants or caring for a fallen novice to regain his health.

But there was a creature that stole my heart: Luna, the well-trodden resident of the neighborhood. Luna wasn't just any cat. He had disparate eyes (one amber, the other emerald) and a penchant for mischief. She walked quietly into our garden, with her tail up, as if she were the owner of the place. And maybe he did.

The fateful day

One suffocating afternoon, Luna limped into our garden with her left leg hanging. Her eyes reflected a mixture of pain and defiance. I knew I had to help her. Armed with a shoebox and determination, I lifted it and headed to my father's study. He was engrossed in medical journals, but he looked up when he saw Luna cradled in my arms.

“What is the diagnosis, Alexandra?” I asked, imitating his serious tone.

She examined Luna's paw, her fingers softly but firm. “A sprain,” he declared. “Rest, ice and lots of pampering.”

I nodded solemnly. Luna settled into her makeshift bed, purring as if to say, "You're my hero, girl."

The spark ignites

From that day on, my path was clear. I devoured books on animal anatomy and sneaked them into bedtime reading. I followed the local veterinarians like a shadow, absorbing their wisdom. What about Luna? She became my confidant, my silent mentor. We sat under the orange tree, her disparate eyes reflected the setting sun, and I promised her a world where no leg would go unhealed.

The journey unfolds

Fast forward to veterinary school. The smell of disinfectant mixed with hope when I walked into the clinic. My white robe looked like armor, a shield against suffering. So wounded, I gave birth to puppies and whispered breath to trembling rabbits. Each patient carried a piece of Luna's spirit, the same spirit that had kindled my passion.

Beyond medicine

Being a veterinarian isn't just about medicine; it's about connection. It's the way a dog's tail moves when you walk into a room, the confidence in a cat's eyes during vaccinations and the silent gratitude of a rescued hedgehog. It is about defending those who cannot speak our language but communicate a lot through their vulnerability.

Chronicles of California: 2004-2019

Throughout my veterinary career, I had the incredible opportunity to contribute to animal welfare in the vibrant state of California. From 2004 to 2019, I immersed myself in diverse landscapes and communities, working diligently to provide compassionate attention to a wide variety of furry fellows. Whether nestled in the scenic beauty of Northern California or navigating the bustling urban life of Los Angeles, each day brought new challenges and touching moments. The experiences gained during these 15 years have not only enriched my professional growth but have also solidified my commitment to protecting the health and happiness of animals.

Join me on this adventure

So, dear readers, welcome to my blog, a place where stethoscopes meet moving tails. Together, we will unravel mysteries, celebrate recoveries and perhaps share some laughs. If you are an experienced pet parent or a curious soul, I invite you to join me. Let's explore the world of furs, feathers and unconditional love.

Now I would like to share everything my dear friends have taught me.

What about Luna? The cat left a beautiful legacy that still accompanies me. It's my beautiful family.

Until next time, keep those open hearts and those curious legs.

Yours with compassion.

Alexandra 🐾

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